From top to bottom (left to right): Futhi Magwaza & Ali Shongwe; Dudu Miya and Janakie Thathiah; Sindi Dimba and Joy Shongwe

August is celebrated as Women’s Month in South Africa. LifeLine Durban chose to reflect and hear from our resilient women within our organization what Women’s Day or Month means to them: Futhi Magwaza – Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at LifeLine Durban:
Women’s Month signifies: The celebration of life bearers, “Inzalabantu”. The strongest being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Ali Shongwe – Data Capturer at LifeLine Durban:
Women’s Day and Month reminds me that there are still daily substantive challenges to overcome to the complete realization of our human rights, simply due to one’s gendering and roles in society.
Assistance and not just appreciation, for women should be emphasized on this day…

Dudu Mthembu – Center Coordinator at LifeLine Durban:
Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge and honor women with love, support and understanding for our sacrifices and contributions.

Jan Thathiah – Programme Manager at LifeLine Durban:
Does being woman define who I am?
Who I am goes beyond my gender.
I am mum and dad to my children.
In my 40+ years lead and mentored too many young men and women oblivious of my gender and hoped they would do likewise.
In later years I guess I see myself as part of humanity. I need only to be the authentic ME and pursue anything I desire!

Sindi Dimba- Head Receptionist and Admin at LifeLine Durban.
Women’s Month brings to mind: love, support, inner-strength and courage and most of all believing in yourself

Joy Shongwe – Marketing Coordinator and Admin at LifeLine Durban:
What Women’s Month signifies to me is a celebration of all of us regardless of culture, age or social standing. It’s a celebration to be resilient in an ever changing world and a welcomed celebration of sisterhood; a reminder of the collective work that still needs to be done to strengthen our resolve against many issues that still affect us today.

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