Lifeline Durban

About LifeLine Durban

LifeLine Durban is a volunteer-based organization with limited income generating activities. In these financially stressed times Lifeline Durban needs all the help it can get to pay for the day-to-day expenses of running an office as well as the capital items that are vital to help our needful public. We urge everyone who feels they don’t need Lifeline’s attention to help us help those who do.

LifeLine offers: 24 Hour Counselling Services; Face to Face Counselling; Youth Development Programmes; Rape Crisis & Support Groups.

LifeLine Durban Work

LifeLine Durban aims to reduce personal stress and emotional pain through readily available counselling and growth programmes and to achieve mental and emotional health for all.
We provide a professional and confidential service offered by well trained, disciplined lay counsellors, facilitators, trainers and social workers. Lifeline Durban exists to facilitate emotional wellness of individuals and communities though skills development and community involvement.

Our Strengths

• Volunteerism
• Compassion
• Face to Face Counselling
• Community Development
• Comprehensive HIV & AID Programmes
• Confidentiality
• Training Courses
• 24/7 Crisis Line

  • LifeLine Durban aims to offer mental and emotional health services within the culture of Human Rights, through programmes that are preventative and responsive.
  • Our vision is a mentally and emotionally healthy South Africa.

How does LifeLine do this?

  • Telephone Counselling by trained lay counsellors (24-hr service)
  • Face to Face Counselling by appointment and referral
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV (drop-in & by appointment & referral)
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Rape Crisis at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital
  • Training Courses in Personal Growth (stand alone) & Counselling Skills Courses for potential counsellors.
  • Support for Vulnerable Groups e.g. survivors of violence & abuse, people affected & infected with HIV & AIDS
  • Support Groups for Parents.
The emotional wellness check list
  • Am I emotionally well?
  • Am I able to balance work, family, friends & life’s challenges?
  • Am I able to reduce stress in my life?
  • Am I able to make effective decisions without worry & stress?
  • Am I able to prioritize?
  • Do I enjoy life despite its challenges & disappointments?
  • The Way to Emotional Awareness
  • Awareness of my thoughts & feelings
  • A positive attitude to life
  • Express my emotions appropriately
  • Set my goals and manage my time
  • Set my priorities
  • Learn from my previous life experiences & take responsibility for my choices & decisions
  • Maintain a balance between work, family, friends & personal time
  • Recognize when I need help
  • LifeLine (24 hrs)  031 312 2323
Why the telephone?

• It allows the caller to remain anonymous
• It is accessible to almost all within the community
• Who seeks help from LifeLine Durban?


• Are facing a personal problem
• Are in a crisis

Contact Lifeline Durban today for assistance.