Stepping Stones

Adolescent & Young People (AYP)

• Support the delivery of comprehensive PVC services for female beneficiaries, aged 10-24 years.
• Provide linkage to police stations, Dept. of Social Development, shelters and other health facilities required.
• Identify and refer beneficiaries for Post Violence Care to Thuthuzela Care Centres and Crisis Centre at hospitals.
• Provide age-appropriate post-GBV care that meets the needs of survivors.
• Provide therapeutic counselling and support for child survivors and their care givers based on beneficiary needs.
• Ensure that sites which provides post-violence care services cover the minimum package.
• Implement NO Means NO and Stepping Stones as two evidence-based curricula to support HIV and GBV prevention.

NO Means NO Girls Programme (IMsafer)
  • Conflict management techniques including boundary setting, diffusion tactics, verbal assertiveness and negotiation.
  • Physical self-defense skills should they be nesessary.
  • Facilitated by young women. Target: AGYW 15-19 years.
Stepping Stones Programme
  • Stepping Stones as a 10 x 3 hour session. Workshop series to help promote sexual health, improve psychological well-being and prevent HIV.
  • Address questions of gender, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, gender violence,communication and relationship skills.
  • Facilitated by both young men and women. Target: AYP 20-24 years.